Apartments with wellness & sauna in South Tyrol

In search of relaxation

After a day on the ski slopes or a strenuous hike, or after a long walk round town or a tour of a museum, nothing beats a delightful visit to our spa area. You can relax deeply and think about the memorable experiences you’ve had during the day.


Finnish sauna

Finnish sauna

Relax your muscles and release the toxins from your body. You can use steam jets to add moisture to the dry air of the room.

Steam bath

Large Turkish bath

The hot steam opens the pores of the skin. Sweating has both a strengthening and relaxing effect, helping to remove impurities from the skin and keeping it supple.

Rest area

Relaxation room

Read a book in a quiet place, or close your eyes and have a nap. Anything is possible in our relaxation area.

Infrared cabin

Infrared cabin

Enjoy the benefits of sunshine even when indoors: heat has a positive effect on the metabolism and helps to counteract joint and muscle pain.

Tea bar

Tea and herbal tea bar

Fresh spring water and choice of herbal teas to keep you properly hydrated.