Discover our house and philosophy

A special place to stay

The ROUDA, once known as the “Raderhof”, has long been a popular destination for tourists, who appreciate the care and attention they receive. Unsurprisingly, our main concern has always been to provide friendly assistance for our guests, and to do everything to ensure they have a happy, carefree holiday.

You can feel this atmosphere throughout the building.

The name

ROUDA is what we in Val Pusteria call the ancient craft of the cart-maker. As the name suggests, his job was to build wheels, wagons and other wooden equipment. In the past, there were always one or more “Roudas” in every village. Our grandfather Johann, in his time, learned the trade from his uncle. Today, this craft has almost died out. In Valdaora, the only reminder of this ancient trade is the name of our building.

Wooden wheels

The property

Parts of the façade are made from local larch wood, proof of our love of nature and of fine materials. Indeed, the whole building combines a focus on the natural world with a touch of luxury: the modern entrance area and pleasant wellness zone, our use of a low impact district heating system, and the open design with large scenic windows.



“In the “ROUDA” project, we sought to create a style of contemporary architecture that combined an interesting form of design with traditional building methods, firmly rooted in the local context.
The attractive corners of the building and low balconies sheltered from the wind are typical features of the ancient farmsteads.
The decorative openings in the woodwork are also in tune with the traditional local design.”
Architect Rudi Perathoner

Außenaufnahme - Rouda

Hoteliers and history

  • Johann Sapelza renovated his parents’ house in 1966. He and his wife Rosina began renting out nine guest rooms. Even back then, the place was known for its friendly family atmosphere.
  • Thirty years later, in December 2000, their daughter Angelika took the helm. She has managed the business in the new millennium with a spirit of joy and dedication.
  • But a way was needed to meet the needs of a growing and evolving tourist market, and the new, larger building was finally given the go-ahead in 2022. The new ROUDA is the perfect answer for those who are looking for a holiday that combines independence with just the right amount of luxury.
Wedding of Rosina and Johann